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Trim or cut any audio file online

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Once your audio file is uploaded, you can move the start and finish slider to adjust your trim. We also have a play function which let you play your audio file so that you can preview the exact trim of your audio file.



Easy audio trimming

No special skills are required to use the app. It’s all simple: just upload the file, select a fragment using the sliders, and click “cut”.


Fade in & Fade out

The app enables you to make your audio track to fade in and fade out smoothly. This is useful when making a phone ringtone.


Web-based tool

This tool works right on your browser. So there is no software or app to download and install on your computer or mobile.


Convert Audio

Once you cut your audio file, you have the option to change its format to a variety of formats. Use this option if you want to convert your audio file from another format.



This tool is 100% free and always will be. You can help us by sending us your feedback and sharing this tool among your friends. Thank you!


Support file types

Supports any audio/video format including: wma, mp, wav, wave, flac, m4a, amr, ogg, aiff, aac, 3ga, oga, midi, rmi, aif, aifc, m4b, m4p, m4r, mp1, mp2, m4a.

How to cut MP3?

  • Open
  • Upload your MP3 or other audio files
  • Adjust the start and end handlebars to select your trim
  • Optionally, select to fade in/out or convert audio format
  • Click ‘Save’ button to cut your MP3 file.

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Online Audio Cutter Audio Cutter is an online app that can be used to cut audio tracks right in your browser. Fast and stable, with over 300 supported file formats, fade in and fade out features, ringtone quality presets, our app is also absolutely free.